The Sterling & Stone guys (Sean Platt, David Wright, and Johnny B. Truant) have made a career out creating new and exciting fiction through collaboration. During Fiction Unboxed, they pulled back the curtain to show an audience of hungry writers how they get from none to done. It was an eye-opening experience seeing just how awesome collaborating could be.

Early in the F.U. project, a small group of writers began craving this kind of writer-to-writer connection. But how do you find someone you can work with? Someone whose style meshes with your own, whose personality doesn’t drive you up a wall? And – most importantly – someone you can trust?

The answer, it turns out, is this anthology, an opportunity for a group of strangers to come together and make something awesome. And maybe become collaborators and friends in the process.

When it’s complete, Beyond the Gate will include stories from twenty-three authors who participated in Fiction Unboxed. Stories range from YA Fantasy to Horror to Romance, fall somewhere between 1000 and 10,000 words in size, and are all set in the world of the Dream Engine. In these stories, readers will roam the skies in a shaw, travel through time, and step into the Fog, among other things. Oh – and Thunderclap is involved. Lots of Thunderclap.

Of the 24 collaborators, there is a small team shepherding the project along:

  • E.W. Pierce is the overall project manager, motivator, and cheerleader.
  • Amy T. Schubert provided developmental editing services on the project. She’s the real deal and our stories are better for having her on the project.
  • Lisa Harvey wrote the official terms & conditions for the project, and has provided helpful advice along the way.
  • Cathy Pelham helped manage getting 20+ authors through the various draft milestones and saved E.W. from a deluge of email.
  • Jamie Maltman provided advice throughout the project and has been out on social media beating our drum.
  • Our team of beta-readers: Kayla Halleur, Jamie Maltman, John McGuire, and Joseph Mello read every single story and provided initial reader reactions and helpful feedback.