The Authors

The bios of all the authors on the project are listed on this page. You may also want to check out the interviews our authors have given related to Beyond the Gate.

Abe Cedarian has wanted to write fiction for as long as he can remember. Like many beginning writers, he started out by collecting books on the topic. Character, story structure, outlining, dialog, trait thesauri, writing short stories, writing full length novels – you name it, Abe’s got it. After years (or possibly even decades) of pursuing this hobby, it looked like Abe was more interested in collecting books than writing them. Then Abe found Write. Publish. Repeat. and became acquainted with the Self-Publishing Podcast. Abe followed the adventures of Johnny and Sean in Fiction Unboxed, which gave him the push to commit words to page. As calls were issued for the subsequent anthologies, Abe decided to commit words to page and thus was born Abe’s short story, “Scarlettina: A Crumble Fairy Tale”.


Stacy_ClaflinStacy Claflin has been writing and telling stories for as long as she can remember. As a kid, story telling would get her into trouble when she would try to convince others that her stories were real. (She may have scarred her younger cousin for life with her Cavity Monster story!)

These days, Stacy writes paranormal romantic suspense and is releasing a new suspense series that beta readers call a psychological thriller. She’s also dabbling in contemporary romance, so nothing is off limits for her writing. Although she can’t stay away from suspense. Everything has that element.

Stacy is the mom of two amazing and adorable boys. She educates them from home and runs a home daycare too. Some ask how she can get any writing done at all. Stacy gets up around 4:00 in the morning six days a week so she can get her writing in! She is also a thyroid cancer survivor and has been cancer free since 2008.

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Tom_DattoliThomas Dattoli was born and lives in Northern New Jersey – the last exit on the Garden State Parkway before you enter New York State. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from the distinguished School of Theoretical Science at Ramapo College of New Jersey and a Masters of Business Administration from St. Johns University (f/k/a) the College of Insurance. He currently works for a Lloyds of London Coverholder as an Underwriter. Thomas says, “my job is to find a way to insure risks that ordinary insurance companies find too dangerous to bet upon.”

Thomas is a voracious reader and often writes short stories predominately in the Science Fiction Genre. Heavily influenced by Philip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov, Thomas also enjoys the work of J.K. Rowling and Roald Dahl. Thomas has participated in the prestigious Gotham Writer’s Workshops in New York city. He is currently working on his first Novel, a young adult drama set on the moon. Regarding the novel he says, “I hope to help inspire a new generation to recapture the desire to explore space, beginning with a permanent settlement on the moon.”

Kayla Halleur tells everyone that she’s not a writer, but no one believes her. Her short story for Beyond The Gate is the first time she’s written anything to be published, which both terrifies and excites her in equal measure.

She lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and currently works full time in Finance, as well as studying part time to become an accountant, even though her heart isn’t really in it. She would much rather spend her time working from home, offering editing and proof reading services to those that require it; combining her love of travel and photography by wandering the world and producing some new form of fascinating travel book that will reach number one on all known best seller lists; discovering a way that she can earn a living by watching Doctor Who, Firefly and Archer, as well as the other couple of thousand movies and TV-on-DVD’s that she has wasted far too much money on in the past; becoming the next big star on you-tube even though she’s extraordinarily camera shy; or finding crafty and ingenious ways of displaying and damage proofing all of the Star Wars memorabilia that her partner owns, before his heart gets ripped out by the release of Episode Seven and he goes on a soul crushing rampage where he destroys it all in retaliation of what Disney has done to his beloved franchise.

In her limited spare time, she is constructing the best website known to man, where she can share her thoughts on Lego, her photography, her friend’s awesome books, her friend’s brilliant photography, and basically everything that she finds interesting. She hopes that it will end up taking her less time than writing this Bio did.

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Lisa Harvey learned everything she knows about time travel from Doctor Who and everything else she knows from Star Trek. She grew up in a seaside town called Penguin and ran away to study economics and geography. After a bit of time as a full time writer, cold nights watching the southern sky with a telescope, and lot of time as a stressed entrepreneur, making up science fiction is not so strange. In her stories you’ll find space ships, aliens and robots, mainly happy endings and lots of time travel.

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Michael_HustlebornMichael Hustleborn has always considered himself a creative freak and he hates referring to himself in the third person. He is happiest when he can shut out the world, let his imagination roam, and get creative in one form or another.

When he is not writing, he loves watching movies, T.V., reading, playing video games and listening to audio books.

He lives in Germany with his wife and three kids.

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Wayne_PylePaul Jenny is a writer, actor and adventurer in NYC and around the world. Paul created the blog Stories are the Wildest Things to encourage others to tell their stories in the most powerful, creative and wide-reaching way possible. As a “road scholar” he’s been a laborer in the trenches of higher education (i.e. adjunct professor), traveling from university to university to teach. Of his many, many jobs over the years, some have been good, some really bad, but all of them helped him grow as a person and a writer.

He’s the father of a 26 week, 2 lbs. 1 oz. preemie, who is now an exuberant four-year-old thriving in every way hoped for. He has two teenage sons from a previous marriage who love to go on adventures with him as well. Paul’s wife is a casting director/actress/amazing woman who also happens to be his best friend in the world. His life has been filled with adventure and for that he’s grateful. He’ considers himself an expert at picking himself up and dusting himself off. Sometimes, he sleeps.

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Rob_LamanRob Laman crafts contracts by day and sporadically writes a variety of short stories, blog posts, fraudulent insect facts and unfinished novels by night. As a boy he won a trip to Disney for enlisting new customers on his paper route. In his spare time he cans salsa that would make the food scientists at Old El PasoTM weep, enjoys travel, softball, and reading. He hates writing about himself in third person because, “it feels as if I’m presenting my own eulogy which would, of course, make me dead. I hope I’m not dead.”


Karl_LeisKarl Leis is a Fantasy & Steam-Punk author, living in the mystical land of Australia. He is currently working on multiple titles, of which are top-secret, and are kept far away from the prying eyes of the public.

Liked his short-story from Beyond the Gate? Then you’ll love all of his titles, yet to be published! Especially [REDACTED]!

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Hal_LeonardHal Leonard is a science fiction and fantasy writer. Always wanting to be writer, he of course invested himself deeply into the world of software development and the hard sciences. After several false starts, one day something finally snapped and he began to write. And write. And write some more.

He currently has an epic fantasy story in the works to be released in six titles, ranging from novella length to full-fledged novels. Look for Arcarta: Shorebound and Arcarta: Seabound at your favorite online bookseller.

When he’s not developing software or spending time with his wife and two young children, you can either find him writing or down at his local CrossFit box, finding new and exciting ways to almost injure himself.

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Monica_LeonelleMonica Leonelle started reading young adult books when she was seven and never managed to grow out of them. Now, she writes them from a lovely Chicago apartment she shares with an adorable little Westie named Mia.

She is currently working on the sci-fi cyberpunk Socialpunk serials, the urban fantasy Waters Dark and Deep, the fantasy space opera Stars and Shadows, and the new adult Jane Austen retelling, Emma and Elsie.

She loves to hear from readers, so email her at to talk about her books, or to just say hi.

Ephraim_MalleryEphraim Mallery is a black belt, board-game addicted lover of life that teaches people how to live fully and savor every moment of their existence. He’s convinced that Creativity is our primary evolutionary impulse and essential for us to truly express all the amazing parts of us – from our most brilliant victories to our darkest impulses. You’ll find a bit of both in his story. Read more about making love with life on his website, Modern Hedonist.

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Jamie_MaltmanJamie Maltman writes historically-inspired Fantasy. He recently released book II of his Arts Reborn series, Blood of the Water, which follows the return of opposing forces of artistic creation and elemental destruction to a world where echoes of ancient Greece and Rome mix with the fantastical. Book III is expected late 2014.

Jamie is also co-host on the To Be Read Podcast.

When Jamie isn’t reading or writing, he’s probably enjoying time at his home in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada with his wife and two young sons, playing some kind of board or computer game, or watching basketball or Doctor Who.

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John_McGuireJohn R McGuire is an engineer by day and writer by night. He attended Georgia Tech to obtain a civil engineering degree. While his left brain absorbed information on E-mag, Calculus, Statics, Dynamics, Structures and Road Design, his right brain devoured the works of Jack London, Mark Twain, Anne Rice, Alan Moore, Kurt Busiek, and Mark Waid. Today, John is a registered professional engineer and professional writer. He lives just outside Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and three cats.

He also maintains that he would have been a Marine biologist, if not for Jaws.

In 2002, John was a founding member of Terminus Media, a writer’s collective in Decatur, GA. Through the next decade, John edited and a contributed to anthologies published by Terminus. In 2010, John applied his story telling skills to novels and short stories. He has written two novels, The Dark That Follows (2013), and the serialized dark fantasy Hollow Empire (2014). John also published two comic series: The Gilded Age, in 2013, an on-going series; and Tiger Style, a limited four-issue series through Arena Comics.

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Joseph_MelloJoseph Mello loves stories, exploring, and sharing ideas. Intensely curious, he has wide-ranging interests from science to history, archaeology, photography, art & architecture, and design. He brings a zest for discovering the new and unusual, likeable characters, and the arcane knowledge he uncovers to his stories of suspense, paranormal, and science fiction.

Joseph resides with his family in Virginia. He spends nights and weekends venturing out to discover and enjoy points of interest, building and testing ideas, sporting events for his teens, and good conversation over food and drink, often mixed with travel.

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Blaine_MooreBlaine Moore knew he would be a writer from a young age, at least until he discovered computers in high school and discovered he could actually make money with them. Fast forward a decade or so, and Blaine began getting the writing itch again in 2005, initially writing non-fiction books about running and marathons. He now works full time as a writer and freelancer, while still coaching a little on the side.

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Missy Morgan is an extremely self-conscious writer at the beginning of her public writing journey. After 20 years of scribbling in notebooks (that she still refuses to share with anyone), she decided it was time to face her fears and take the first step towards the career that she always longed for.

Missy is currently working on two writing projects; a Fantasy Adventure tale for children and a Paranormal Romance series for adults. She hopes to have more stories to share with you soon.

Missy grew up on the West Coast of Scotland, beside a forest that she swears is full of magic. She spent most of her childhood hidden under the canopy of vibrant trees, with her nose in a book and her imagination worlds away. Unable to leave the incredible surroundings that inspired many of her own stories, she now lives there with her enthusiastic children and disbelieving husband.

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Hector_Manuel_Elias_OliverHector Manuel Elias Oliver is a young entrepreneur, writer, networker, philanthropist, speaker and soon to be health coach. He is also a graphic design major, a wanna be programmer, a (starting) youtuber, blogger, huge gamer, and massive procrastinator. As you can see, Hector is all over the place, and that’s how he (somehow) manages his life.

As a writer, just like with his life, Hector is all over the place. He’s a Teen and Adult Fiction & Fantasy writer; ranging from an epic adventure to the life of an ordinary normal girl. There is no in between, he just likes to write his heart out.

So, besides all that mess of a person, Hector is also a huge tech junkie. You can easily get in contact through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, E-mail, or even through written letters, whatever floats your boat!

Location: México

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Cathy_PelhamAn avid reader since age three, Cathy Pelham began her writing career with a science fiction story in third grade, and still remembers the exhilaration of making a new world. Throughout a lifetime digression into business, bartending, software development, user guides, and government project management, Cathy never stopped reading, loving the magic and artistry of natural storytellers. She is finally back to writing fiction. She will be publishing her work under the Great Blue Enterprises imprint, and is currently working on two series, a novel, and more stories inspired by Sterling and Stone’s ‘Dream Engine’.

Cathy lives in Michigan with a wonderful husband, three cats, and an assortment of cichlids.


ewpierceE.W. Pierce grew up on Star Wars, cowboy movies with his great-grandfather, and lots of pretend. He discovered the fantasy genre via the Dragonlance novels, and shortly thereafter, was introduced to the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. He was never the same.

E.W. writes Fantasy and Science Fiction stories, sometimes with an element of Horror. His current novel is a mix of all three, a project he affectionately refers to as the ‘Post-Apocalyptic Samurai Mech’ novel.

He lives in Michigan with his wife and their 2 children. When not reading or writing, he likes to play video games and board games with his family.

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Jay_RosenkrantzJay Rosenkrantz’s ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. His girlfriend boasts he is the “closest thing she has in her life to a Yoda.” He resides in Austin, Texas, where he writes adventure stories bursting with humor, emotion, romance and heart. And magic swords and giant robots.

He’s a big fan of birthday cake.

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AT_SchubertA.T. Schubert didn’t always want to be a writer. She has been a reader her whole life, studied literature in college and writing fiction just kind of snuck up on her and grabbed hold. Now she writes what she calls “literary fiction through a layer of magic.” She is currently working on a young adult series about a boarding school that trains future members of the Ministry of Decorum (also from the world of The Dream Engine). Book 1 is expected to be published in early 2015.

Amy lives a bit north of Los Angeles with her recording engineer husband and two cats. In addition to writing fiction, she maintains the blog Lemon and Raspberry where she writes encouragement for creative bloggers and entrepreneurs. When she is not writing, she’s reading, perfecting a new recipe or trying to figure out how to go on another vacation.

Stop by her blog for more and sign-up for her newsletter for first news of new releases.

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Jack Worr tried to write a novel when he was around 13 but failed. He eventually overcame laziness and wrote his first novel in college during the summer of 2009.

Jack now writes low fantasy and soft science fiction (e.g., Off to Be the Wizard and Heroes Die), with the occasional horror/fantastic story (e.g. 14). He will eventually write a zombie novel. He live in CalifornIA with his fiancée, two dogs, a flying squirrel, and a goat — which is basically a dog, but dumber.

His novel The Very Last Days of Mr Grey continues the story begun in his anthology short.